ShabbatUK 2016 at Edgware
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Monday 14th November 2016

Edgware United celebrated ShabbatUK in its usual inimitable style, with a fully packed calendar of events.

The activities began last Sunday with a junior challah bake organised by our dynamic ‘Edge’ Committee. Over 50 children delighted in playing Willy Wonka as they created wonderful challot with lots of chocolate, honey and sprinkles. A few days later we held a second challah bake ‘with a Twist’, an idea of our Assistant Rebbetzin Abi Kurzer.

These challot, together with a full Friday night and Shabbat lunch meal package which were made possible through a grant from the Chief Rabbi’s fund, were then delivered to 53 families within our community who were unable to attend the festivities in shul. And what celebrations they proved to be!

Following a wonderful Carlebach-style service on Friday night, we enjoyed a bumper Kiddush for the whole community, and our rabbinic team of Rabbi and Rachie Lister and Rabbi and Abi Kurzer then lead a Friday night dinner of stories, songs and dancing at Rosh Pinah school, which was attended  by over 200 pupils and their families.

The evening didn’t stop there. Highlighting the unique spirit of Edgware, a cross communal Oneg was held at Beit Shvidler school which was attended by members of all the local communities.

The weekend continued with a lovely Shabbat lunch, at which over 200 people heard from Dr Asher Lewinsohn, who is the head trainer for Hatzola in Stamford Hill and Edgware and helps organise this vital community service, before ending with a sing along Havdalah

Once again, Edgware United has embraced all that ShabbatUK stands for, and for that we have to thank our Assistant Rabbi Ben Kurzer and Abi, who worked so hard along with many others to turn our ideas into reality.