ShabbatUK 2016 at Barnet
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Monday 14th November 2016

Barnet Synagogue celebrated a truly wonderful ShabbatUK with 154 members taking on the challenge to keep Shabbat fully from Candle Lighting to Havdala. The Shabbat was also the launch of the Barnet Synagogue Community Eruv.

The weekend started off with a Challa Make on Thursday night. The women were led by Rebbetzin Naomi Lerer with an uplifting evening including signing and dancing. Rabbi Lerer led the men with a Challa Make of their own, including a taste competition of the best Challa from 8 different bakeries in NW London!

After the most beautiful singing Friday night service ever to grace our Shul, 190 members sat down to a delicious Friday Night Dinner and were inspired by the stirring words of Dayan Abraham.

On Shabbat we all assembled again - we were not going to let some rain get in the way of our Shabbat!

After the service the community were invited to a Cholent and Kugel Kiddush followed by a delightful informal lunch.

In the afternoon participant chose to go to different “stations” in member’s homes. These included a whisky tasting station, a shloof station, a toddler’s toys station, a board games station, a debating station and a Hagba’a Masterclass station. There was something for everyone and each person found the right station to suit them.

Rabbi Daniel Rowe walked from NW London in the pouring rain and truly enriched our Seudah Tea with his wise and moving words. We sang slow songs as Shabbat ebbed away, leading up to that Magical Havdala Service where we sang some more as we reflected on a truly remarkable Shabbat and a momentous achievement for our community!

As Rabbi Lerer said “It was a truly remarkable Shabbat from beginning to end and the Barnet Synagogue Community showed exactly what Shabbat truly means to them.”

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Four generations of one family