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Shabbat UK was a real success in Radlett
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Thursday 29th October 2015

Shabbat UK was a real success in Radlett. Starting with a Challah bake on Thursday night which was attended by about 35 Dads and Sons. Someone counted up that we made 100 challot (although about 30 of the challah rolls were eaten before we went home!). having chosen a winner of the challah bake prizes will be given out this week in Shul. 

On Friday night Joel Sager led the community in a Carlebach style Friday night service and this was followed by a Sushi and whisky, wine and vodka shot kiddish. Over 100 people attended the Friday night service. Joel officiated on Shabbat Morning where we had a Barmitzvah to celebrate as well. The community were treated to a Cholent and Kugel kiddish and once again the shul had standing room only. 

The community came back at 4pm for a schmooze and question time with Joel and Nechama Sager as well as some input from our Chairman Alex Pomerance. Mincha took place at about 4.50pm and following this nearly 100 people came to the cream tea seudah, where the community sang various zmirot Joel gave a Droshe on the importance of Shabbat. While this was going on the children that came along were entertained by Bnei Akiva with various Shabbat games that had been brought and devised. 

Finally as sahbbat went out we had a huge Havdallah party led by Rav Sendy and Rochel Dubrawsky where the children made havdallah plates & spice bags. The ceremony was accompanied by on young oboe player and followed by everyone helping themselves to as many sweets they could carry from our huge sweet table. 

Overall a great Shabbat and above all plenty to eat!!