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Shabbat UK at Sutton & District Synagogue
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Thursday 29th October 2015

Sutton & District Synagogue kicked off the weekend by joining Kingston Synagogue for a most marvellous Challah Make on Thursday evening and, together with other South London communities, kneaded our dough in a spirit of camaraderie and fun! 

On Friday evening, following our Friday night service many of our members who had been previously encouraged to invite other members to their homes for Friday night dinner reported they had spent a wonderful Shabbat this week. 

On the Saturday the shul was visibly full and a special Kiddush followed the service.  Many people stayed on chatting and in fact, a couple of hours later many returned to help lay out the tables for the sit-down Seudah Shelishi which was an overwhelming success.   We started with Mincha and after that the Seudah began.  We sang zemirots, had a Question & Answer session with Rabbi and Rebbitzen Sagal and enjoyed each other's company up until the time of Ma'ariv and afterwards we were all there to see Shabbat end with a lovely Havdalah service.

Overall, a very successful and memorable Shabbat.