Season of Goodwill
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Thursday 5th January 2017

A record number of members of Woodford Forest United Synagogue attended the annual visit to Whipps Cross Hospital, organised by Woodford Forest US member and Whipps Cross Hospital Volunteer Coordinator Belinda Taylor. Over 35 people spent the Xmas holiday visiting patients and helping fill in for staff who were off due to the festivals.

In a related project Rebbetzen Wollenberg organised a baking session for children of the community to make cookies as a thank-you gift to take to the local emergency service personnel who were on duty on 25th December. The Wollenberg, Sacks, Crivon and Marcovitch families all spent the day visiting a number of local police stations, fire stations and ambulance stations to offer gift pakcages as a thankyou to the personnel for their dedication throughout the year and for coming to work on their religious holiday.  Similar packages were delivered by Belinda’s group to the Whipps Cross staff.

Rabbi Wollenberg was delighted that so many people turned up to support these projects: “Hakaros hatov, showing appreciation to others, is an important Jewish value and by spending the bank holiday volunteering and delivering gifts to those on duty it shows a recognition on behalf of our community for the work they do for us.  It is also a great way to put the very fact that we are not celebrating the actual religious holiday to good use by giving up our time to help out those who are celebrating.” 

With Fireman from Woodford Green Fire Station

Jacob Crivon, Dniel Sacks, Eli Wollenberg, Abi Sacks, Yossi Wollenberg, Ber Wollenberg, Amelia Crivon, Rebbetzen Wollenberg and officers from Chingford Police Station

Devorah Wollenberg, Ber Wollenberg, Paramedic from Whipps Cross, Eli Wollenberg, Yossi Wollenberg, Rebbetzen Wollenberg

WFUS Volunteers assembled outside Whipps Cross hospital

Graeme Taylor and Jeff Bendon with members of nursing staff

David and Harry Markham with Belinda Taylor and nursing staff

Carole Hoppen and Belinda Taylor with nursing staff

Martine and Lynette Galman with nursing staff