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Scopus Jewish Educational Trust Joins the Family of United Synagogue Schools
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Friday 16th December 2016

The Scopus Jewish Educational Trust, which acts as the foundation body for Mathilda Marks-Kennedy, Simon Marks and Rosh Pinah, is set to become part of the United Synagogue (The US) family.

The intention is to create a stronger connection between the Scopus Schools and The US. This will ensure that the unique character and ethos of the schools is protected and strengthened, whilst seamlessly maintaining continuity of day-to-day teaching and operations at each school.

The trustees of The US have been appointed as trustees of the Scopus Jewish Educational Trust. Peter Ohrenstein, Chairman of the Scopus Jewish Educational Trust, has agreed to stay on as a trustee.

Peter Ohrenstein said: “The stronger relationship with the United Synagogue will make a very positive contribution to the Scopus schools. The US expertise and resources will ensure the continuity of an excellent Jewish education for future generations of Jewish children.”

The new arrangement will mean that The US, through Tribe, will be offering its range of educational and support services to the three Scopus schools as it currently does to other US foundation schools. Such support is in addition to US provision to schools that operate under the auspices of The Chief Rabbi but which are not associated with The US foundation body.

US President, Stephen Pack said: “We are most excited that the Scopus Jewish Educational Trust will be joining The US.  Mathilda Marks-Kennedy, Simon Marks and Rosh Pinah are valued parts of our community and they will be a fantastic addition to The US Family. Education is a key priority for The US and we look forward to working with the schools and their governors in the future.”