Rewild available US land

Why are we talking about rewilding?

Rewilding can help reverse species extinction, tackle climate change and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Rewilding will:

  • Draw down carbon from the atmosphere thereby reducing air pollution, cleaning the air we breathe;

  • Help to reverse biodiversity loss; more than half of UK species are in decline and 15% is threatened with extinction;1

  • Help reverse the long-term reduction of biodiversity in the UK (e.g. native woodlands cover a mere 2.5% of UK land) by fostering native species.2

What are we going to do?

This project seeks to re-wild and green available US land (by ‘rewilding’ we do not mean abandonment). The likely candidates are currently unused areas of our cemeteries (not immediately adjacent to burials) and shuls with large car parks and surrounding space.

For example, Bushey Cemetery has a large 6 hectare field which, God-willing, we hope to have no need for in the next 30-50 years. The field is just grass that is mowed to keep it down, preventing a natural habitat from establishing itself.

We propose to engage an expert company to sow a native, perennial wildflower meadow across up to three hectares of the Bushey field, to create a thriving mini ecosystem for birds, insects, butterflies, wild flowers and plants. There will be walkways and benches through parts of the meadow making it accessible for exploration. A section of land will also be set aside for a community vegetable garden. We will use the meadow as a key educational tool for our nurseries, school, bonot chayil classes and members, to understand ecosystems, biodiversity and carbon capture.

We are also working with the Chesed Social Responsibility Manager to explore changes we can make to outdoor spaces at US Centre and in US Communities.


The expected start date for this project is Summer 2022.



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