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Record number of communities participate in US Chesed Rosh Hashanah initiative
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Thursday 29th September 2016

This year more shuls than ever worked with us than ever before in our joint Rosh Hashanah project. Together with 45 synagogues, by the time Rosh Hashanah starts our fantastic volunteers will have delivered more than 1300 honey cakes and cards to some of our more senior members, to people who have been or are unwell or to people who have been bereaved in the past year. We want to show our members that community cares is not just a name, that we do care about them and this gives us an opportunity to have a chat, see how a person is getting on and in some situations to ask if they need support from our local welfare teams and to tell them what help is available.

Our huge thanks go to our volunteers who give of their time, not just at Rosh Hashanah but all year round and this year, once again, to Carmelli who have worked very hard with us to provide a very efficient and helpful service – and what I am sure will be delicious cakes.

We wish all our members, but particularly those for whom 5776 was a difficult year, a sweet new year.

If you have not volunteered so far but are thinking about it, there’s bound to be a role for you so please e-mail

The US Chesed Team – Michelle Minsky and Orah Barnett