Rare Three Generation Pidyon Haben at Brondesbury Park
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Thursday 4th December 2014

Three generations of the Bacall family had their Pidyon Haben, redemption of the first born son ceremony, in a unique evening at Brondesbury Park Synagogue.  

While preparing for baby Lior Bacall's Pidyon Haben, discussions with Brondesbury Park's Rabbi Baruch Levin revealed that dad Daniel, who works for learning disabilities charity Langdon, and grandfather Jeff, also qualified for the very rare ceremony.  

Guests attended expecting only to be present for Lior's redemption, but were surprised to witness the unusual hat-trick, a first in the history of the synagogue. 

The evening's Kohen, Marc Kahn, had a busy time assisting Rabbi Levin in completing the ceremonial duties on what was a special night at Brondesbury. 

Rabbi Levin said: 'The event was a truly generational moment and served as the perfect illustration of how it is never too late to cash in on a mitzvah!'

Left to right: Rabbi Levin, Jeff Bacall, Lior Bacall (baby), Shoshana Bacall and Daniel Bacall