Purim 5781 - a staggering success story!
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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Hendon United Synagogue are pleased to report a most successful and meaningful Purim 5781.

Megillah – around 600 people heard Megillah, the majority ‘in-person’ at one of our eight readings; a significant number (200+) joined us on our live Zoom broadcasts.

Mattanot La'Evyonim – in an incredible display of generosity, our Community raised a total of just over £11,000 (THREE times our normal amount) via our online mattanot la’evyonim portal, facilitated by the Hendon Co-ord. The entire sum was distributed on the day as follows: (i) £6,500 to families in need and individuals within our community (ii) £3,500 to WST (local charity supporting families in need) (iii) £1,000 to families in need in Israel.

Mishlo'ach Mannot – nearly 150 of our senior single members received Mishlo’ach Mannot for Purim in a project overseen by our Hendon Cares Team, with some support from US Project Chesed. Special thanks to ALL our amazing volunteers who personally delivered the Mishlo’ach Mannot and most especial thanks to Ruth Shebson, our Hendon Cares co-ordinator, Leah Brand, who led on a significant part of the project, and to Michael Kaye, Chair of Hendon Cares.

HUS Kids – A big shout out to Adam Baron and Caroline Tunkel who set up a special HUS KIDS PURIM WhatsApp group on which nearly FIFTY of our children took part in a ‘virtual’ Purim fancy dress parade. EVERYONE was a winner and all participants will receive some Pizza at some future date when we can, PG, sooner rather than later, meet up at Shul. Rabbi and Rebbetzen Ginsbury sent a special Purim day message to all our HUS KIDS …’we’re loving all HUS kids Purim outfits and wish them and their families Purim Same’ach and Shabbat Shalom with much love, R’ MSG and Judy’.

Raleigh Close Youth / Tribe – Since taking over from Aron and Danya, our fantastic new youth leaders, Matthew and Debbie, have been putting on much appreciated and well-supported virtual events for our Youth almost every week. For Purim, they held an amazing ‘Chocolate Hamantaschen baking by Zoom event’ on Thursday evening, after the reading of the Megillah. Almost THIRTY of our youth and their families signed up to be part of this exciting Purim event.

We are so proud of all we achieved even under adverse circumstances over Purim 5781 and pray that next year, with PG those who are unwell healed, and the virus at bay, if not banished, we can gather together for a Purim experience for all of us to enjoy together as a Kehilla ‘in-person’ once again!


Thank you everyone who made special efforts to make this year's Purim a very special one, despite the terrible pandemic.

By the Raleigh Close correspondent