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Project Chesed & Tikun Cook Up a Storm
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Thursday 19th February 2015

Project Chesed are proud to announce the launch of a series of family half term cooking clubs this week, together with Tikun. Tikun already have experience of running regular cooking clubs for the homeless so we are very excited to be working together with them on this project.  There will be 5 sessions running at 3 different shuls, with a total of around 70 volunteers taking part. 

Mill Hill shul ran two sessions on Tuesday – a morning session with 5 adults and 4 teenagers who worked so speedily they even had time to tidy up afterwards!  The afternoon session was attended by around 15 kids and 8 adults and a very chocolatey time was had by all!  These groups made cottage pie (as well as a vegetarian option), apple crumble and chocolate brownies.  The food made was distributed to shul members identified by the welfare committee, as well as No Second Night Out homeless shelter.  Mill Hill will be running another session for 13 adults on Thursday evening. 

Participants at the Muswell Hill event

The Muswell Hill session on Tuesday morning was attended by 7 teens and 3 adults – the ambitious group made leek and potato soup, vegetable lasagne and rocky road dessert which was distributed to 4 members of the community as well as 30 portions to Dukes Avenue Baptist Church soup kitchen.  One happy recipient commented: “Delicious and more like 3 portions each. Great success - thanks N"  Another member was offered the food when the shul heard his wife was unwell – he was very grateful and said he wasn’t sure what he was going to eat that night before the call.  

Stanmore shul will be running a session on Thursday afternoon for around 15 volunteers, mainly teenagers.  The food made will be distributed to the 40 over 95’s in the community, each of whom should receive an entire meal of salmon, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, apple sponge and custard.  The session will be run by Jo Briggs, author of children’s cookbook ‘Steamer the Cooking Wizard’. 

Several of the sessions included an informal discussion lead by Tikun on the importance of kindness and leaving a better world for the next generation. 

Bracha Schneider, Chesed Liaison Officer at the US said “ We would like to thank everybody who got involved in this project – it is early days but so far it seems to have been very successful and we hope to offer these sessions again at a wider range of shuls. The beauty of  this scheme is that it is so flexible, with the shuls themselves able to decide the menus and who to donate the food to –as well as providing plenty of fun doing the cooking!“

Mill Hill cooking club