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Potential US move to Hatfield proves a hit
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Thursday 19th January 2017

Last night the United Synagogue, in partnership with Moriah Jewish Day School, hosted 70 people at a public meeting to discuss the potential of extending communal activity in Hatfield and the surrounding areas.

The US outlined its strategy for supporting areas of Jewish growth and its rationale for exploring the development of a new community model in the Hatfield area, working closely with other local US communities.  Representatives of Moriah gave a presentation on the school and its vision to set up second school in the Hatfield area, inviting prospective parents to visit its Pinner site to find out more.

The evening’s consultations allowed for the enthusiastic sharing of ideas. Topics of particular interest were the affordability of housing in the area, the area’s easy access to other Jewish centres and the potential to develop additional Jewish infrastructure. There was also talk of how to move the project forward.

Amongst those attending were people who currently live in Hatfield, those from neighbouring communities and people from North West London who are considering making a move into the area. 

Leonie Lewis, US Vice President responsible for Communities, said: “Having identified Hatfield as a community of potential, I’m really pleased that so many people came along to discuss the possibility of building the Jewish community there. The Communities of Potential Board is constantly searching for ways to support areas that have Jewish communities with real scope for growth, as well as looking at new areas in which the United Synagogue can build dynamic and vibrant community hubs”.

Chair of Moriah Jewish Day School, Alan Capper commented: “Ruth Gafson, Headteacher of Moriah Jewish Day School, and I are delighted that so many people attended this meeting and were impressed with the enthusiasm that they brought with them for this project. There was a lovely and friendly atmosphere which allowed for an honest and open discussion about how we can take this initiative forward, including the possibility of opening a second Moriah School in the Hatfield area. We'd like to thank all who attended and we look forward to working with them in the near future”.

There will be a get-together event for parents and under 5s in February which will provide those interested in the initiative with a chance to meet other like-minded peers.