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A Post-Pesach Thank You from US Chesed
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Thursday 1st May 2014

A tremendous thank you from US Chesed to all of you who donated to our “we need your dough for Pesach” Appeal. We are delighted to tell you that we raised over £30,000.

Using this money we were able to help over 620 families celebrate a kosher Pesach. All this is done in the strictest confidence. We at US Chesed do not know who the recipients are, which is just as it should be. At the beginning of the year we ask each of our synagogues how many members in their community need assistance. The synagogue can then choose the best way to help the members in their area – this can be through food parcel starter packs, which include most of the basic groceries that are necessary for Pesach, vouchers for the Kosher Outlet shop or gift cards that can be used in Tesco.

For synagogues that prefer to do their own shopping, we will reimburse them - provided that they send us their receipts. A number of communities also accepted our offer to subsidise a number of places at communal Sedarim for members who would otherwise be unable to afford to come.

We have had such a wonderful response from recipients who really appreciate this help. As one lady wrote “To my dear friends, the care team. Thank you so much for the wonderful Pesach gift, which is so helpful at this time of year. I wish you all everything good in life.”

As well as thanking those of you who gave money for this wonderful cause, I would like to also thank a number of other people/organisations.  This year yet again Rakusens came up trumps and has provided us with free matzah and matzah meal that we were able to distribute to families having a difficult time financially. We purchased our food parcels from Kays in Golders Green Road, who again were a pleasure to work with and were as helpful as possible to our volunteers who went and picked up the heavy parcels.

Thank you to all our local community care groups who do a lot of the hard work involved in sensitively making sure that the right people get assisted and who deliver the goodies – whether that’s food or vouchers- and in many areas use the opportunity of Pesach to ring round their senior members to check that they are well and to see if they need any assistance.

A final thank you to David Landau and his group of 15 volunteers (and their children) who not only deliver food parcels to members of our Hackney and Finsbury Park communities, but who take the time and trouble to chat to the people they visit.

Let us hope that next year this scheme won’t  be necessary, but if it should be, we trust that we can rely on your generosity yet again.

Michelle Minsky

Head of US Chesed