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Please help Sharon find a donor
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Thursday 4th August 2016

We urgently need your help in saving Sharon Berger's life. Sharon only has a matter of weeks to find a stem cell donor and is appealing to the global Jewish community for help. 

Three years ago, Jonni Berger appealed to the community to help find a bone marrow donor for his mother, Sharon Berger (Sora bas Zissel). A global search was launched - dubbed the #Spit4Mum campaign - and a matching donor was found within weeks which meant Sharon had an apparently successful transplant in May 2013. Your help is needed to find matching stem cells for Sharon Berger, whose Leukaemia has returned. It gave her three more years with her family. Now sadly, she has found out that the leukemia has returned and the only cure is another transplant from an unrelated donor. 

Your help is needed to find matching stem cells for Sharon Berger. Matching stem cells which everybody has in their blood stream, are most likely to come from somebody within the Jewish community, from those of Ashkenazi Heritage. 

You can register to be a stem cell donor by following these links and you could save a life: 


In the past three years a new charity (DKMS) has come to the UK which registers people aged between 17 and 55 following a check swab. They join the same UK registry, linked with registries around the world including Israel and America. 

To register go to their website and the organisation can then send you a check swab kit to do at home. 


(16 - 30 year olds)

If you think you might already be registered, you can check with 'Anthony Nolan' as well as update your details if you've moved. If you can't help personally, please pass this information on to others.

In 2013 US communities assisted in the Spit 4 Mum Campaign by organising screenings at 3 US Shuls. Let us give Sharon our support again. 

The campaign is also on social media too using #Spit4Mum