Past and upcoming events at Muswell Hill US
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Thursday 8th June 2017

Last Shabbat, we held our inaugural volunteers Kiddush.

Our Rabbi spoke to thank and honour our outgoing Chair, Stephen Frosh, for his years of service to the community.

We then used it as a chance to thank our wonderful volunteers and heard from volunteers from across the spectrum. Irene Mansfield spoke about the civic service she organises, Hela Mansfield talked about the events she arranges for children in the shul, Linda Cohen manages our catering and talked about how proud she is when she sees the full tables at a Kiddush for a Simcha and how Muswell Hill is renowned for its fabulous kiddush. We wrapped up with our outgoing warden Neil Cohen talking about what he has gained from the experience of being a warden and encouraging others who are thinking of volunteering to “just do it".

On Sunday, we held a hustings at our Shul for the candidates standing in Hornsey and Wood Green in conjunction with the London Jewish Forum and the JLC which attracted over 100 people and led to incredibly interesting questions about housing, social care and the candidates reactions to Ken Livingstone and antisemitism.



We’re very excited about our next event, The Great Get Together.

Marking the first anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox MP, the Great Get Together hopes to bring the nation together inspired by the words in her maiden speech to Parliament; “…we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us”.

On the 16-18 June all around the country street parties, community events and get-togethers are being held! We have invited all of our neighbours to join us for a “Street Kiddush”.  

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