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Participate in Parkinson's Research
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Friday 10th January 2014

We have been contacted by Imperial College Healthcare Trust who has asked us to let our members know about this study into Parkinson’s disease. The study is funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation and the reason we have been contacted is that one of the groups of people they want to speak to are people with an Eastern European Background. It is an observational study only.

The item below gives more details on the study and how you can participate.

If you would like more information, please contact either Bina Shah at or you can contact the Research Team directly on  Tel:-(+44 (0) 203 311 1714.

Imperial Trust  are working on a project called Parkinson’s Progressive Marker Initiative (PPMI) study and it is funded by Michael J Fox foundation. 

PPMI is an observational clinical study to verify progression markers in Parkinson’s Disease (PD).  This, 3-5 year observational, study is designed to establish a comprehensive set of clinical, imaging and biosample data that will be used to define biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease progression. Once these biomarkers are defined, they can be used in therapeutic studies, which is the ultimate goal.

We are looking for two categories of participants and we would be very happy to hear from them if they have any questions

1. Participants who do not have Parkinson’s Disease and are 60 years and over. They will need to fill in this online survey or contact me on 0203 311 1714 to obtain a survey.

2. We are looking for are for people of particular ethnic backgrounds, such as Eastern European Jewish communities. As it has been shown in PD patients  that mutations a particular gene LRRK2, are more common.  We would be very happy to hear from participants with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and their family who are interested in taking part in research for PD or they can go online be referred to our site.

More information on PPMI

ImperialCollegeHealthcare NHS Trust 

Parkinson's Research Team | Department of Neuroscience| Charing Cross Hospital |10th Floor West Wing Room 07B [10W07B] | Fulham Palace Road| London W6 8RF

Michelle Minsky

Head of US Chesed