Northwood learn about life in France for Jews
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Thursday 4th August 2016

London has become the fifth largest centre for French Jews according to Saloman Malka, a noted Paris based journalist and author who spoke in Northwood at an event organised by the Northwood United Israel Group on Wednesday night. 

Saloman is the author of a number of books the most recent of which he co-authored with his brother Viktor. Le Grand Desarroi  - “The Great Puzzle” researched the roots for the recent increase in anti-semitic attacks and activities and looked at the prospects for the future. 

He explained how the recent attacks in Paris, Marseilles have unsettled the community, and over 6,000 French Jews made Aliyah in 2015, whilst a number of new French communities are forming in London. The challenges comes both from the extreme Right, the National Front, the extreme left, with their focus on anti-Zionism, and extreme Islamists. 

However, the large audience listened attentively as he painted an encouraging picture of hope for the future with the French Government and Security Forces demonstrating clear support for the community and providing tighter security. Attacks had dropped by 59% this year and there was also a reduction in the numbers seeking to leave the country. 

The next meeting of the Northwood United Israel Group will be on Wednesday 14th September. Entitled an Evening of Terror, Miracles and Hope, Kay Wilson will speak about the terrible terrorist attack she suffered in the Judean Hills in 2011 that injured her and killed her friend and companion.