New West End Synagogue’s latest Melave Malka
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 13th February 2019

The New West End Synagogue’s latest Melave Malka saw our newest musical recruits learning to sing some of the shul standards (aided by a light supper to whet the appetite). We learnt the finer notes and emphasis of four well-known parts of the Shabbat morning service under the direction of the Musical Director of NWES’s Mosaic Voices, Michael Etherton.

Members rehearsed verses from the San Francisco Adon Olam, and U’Vom Ha’Shabbat, from the repetition of the Amidah. Whilst the tunes were familiar, it was learning how to hold the notes to fill the shul with joyful singing that made this highly insightful and so much fun.

We also sang along to Naftali Herstik’s arrangement of Yismechu Bemalchutcha, and finally a traditional arrangement of Ein Keloheinu, which allowed us all to be well prepared for future Shul services at NWES. Everyone is welcome to come and join the extended NWES choir, to participate or even just to listen every week in our fantastic choral Shabbat services.