New West End hosts Tu B'Shevat event for young families
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Wednesday 12th February 2020

The New West End Synagogue hosted its first event for young families last Sunday. Over 20 children between 1 and 6 years old came with their parents and grandparents to enjoy “Sticky Fingers” with arts and crafts such as decorating plant pots and planting seeds, fruit cutting and creative drawing – all with a Tu B'Shevat theme.

Parents were treated to a traditional English tea while their children enjoyed a teddy bears’ picnic with Rebbetzin Chanah Freedman, who led a Rhyme Time session with songs and musical instruments. Two of the children also used the opportunity to celebrate their first birthdays. 

One family who had a great time were Anat and Ido, with their daughter Leah. Anat said “The event at New West End Synagogue for Tu B'Shevat for young families was a huge success! Enjoyed by parents and children alike! Rabbi and Rebbetzin Freedman are a powerful and welcoming duo that the community cherish.”

The next event the kids are already looking forward to is a pre-Purim pizza party on Sunday 8th of March, with lots of food, noise and a special Purim story with Rabbi Freedman. 

By Rabbi Doctor Moshe Freedman

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