New West End’s Mosaic Voices host ‘A Brand New Voice’ concert
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Thursday 20th February 2020

The New West End Synagogue’s resident choir, Mosaic Voices, recently performed a concert called ‘A Brand New Voice,’ which was reviewed by 12 year old Josh Miller:

There has always been an important factor in the New West End, and that has been its musical tradition. Music, not only in our synagogue but all across the world, has brought together generations (L’Dor Vador). As Rabbi Freedman points out, prayer may be in words, but music is what makes our prayers fly up to Heaven.

Mosaic Voices under the baton of NWES Music Director, Michael Etherton, together with soloists Marc Joseph, Nathan Taylor, and Miles D’Cruz, as well as featured soloists in the choir (Karl Gietzmann and Anthony Flaum) certainly kept up that tradition with stunning new and old songs and a huge amount of energy in every performance.

As well as some more well-known tunes, the concert highlighted four new compositions: the Finchley Kedusha by NWES Resident Composer, Benjamin Till, Sim Shalom, by Meta Cohen (the first female Jewish composer of Orthodox Jewish Music), and two other new pieces written by non-Jewish composers for Jewish choirs, an Elokeinu by Amsellem McDonell and Eamonn O’Dwyer’s Eitz Chaim. Close to 150 people gathered together on a wet and windy night to celebrate the beauty of our choir, with a candlelit performance that certainly achieved its goal to reunite both the new and old songs of Judaism.


By Josh Miller