A Musical ShabbatUK for Wanstead & Woodford
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Wednesday 5th November 2014

On Friday night we had a carlebach Friday night service. this was followed by a light kiddush. We had approximatley 30-40 people. 

On shabbat morning we had a barmitzvah with a sumptuous kiddush.

For the children, Emilie and Sarit joined for the weekend from Temple Fortune, kept our young ones happy and entertained. We look forward to them joining us again. 

In the afternoon a few of us returned to shul at 4 pm to prepare seuda shlishit. We had 55 people sitting at tables decked with brightly coloured cloths and serviettes. We had loads of food, dips, beigles, cholla, cakes etc.

During the seuda we had a talk on the different single malt whiskies, this finished with whisky tasting, for those not wanting whisky were biusy drinik bartenua white wine.

Between mariv and havdalah we served more  - tea and cake, jewish function = food!! 

Once shabbat had gone out we had a musical havedalah with our singing Rabbia nd the brunign of vodka in silver trays, very atmospheric - jugs of water nearby... 

To complete Shabbat  Rabbis Fleischer, Weismann and Craimer, not to forget young Dovid, together with their accompanist entertained seventy of us. 

The singing was amazing, the audience entranced. We served apple crumble and icecream during the music, and of course nosh.

Rabbi Fleischer together with a small band organised the weekend.