Music for the Jewish Soul 2

Music for the Jewish Soul 2
Date Uploaded: 
Wednesday 16th September 2020

Originally released as a CD by the United Synagogue, Music for the Jewish Soul 2, a wonderful musical and explanatory exposition of our High Holy Day prayers, was a project of Rabbi Lord Sacks in 2007 when he was Chief Rabbi. Its stirring sounds remain as relevant today as they were when it was first released, especially for the upcoming High Holy Days when attendance is limited at shul services. We are delighted to provide it for a new audience on our website and thank all of the contributors to this CD for this opportunity.

Please click here for a full track list and credits.

1 Kol Nidrei

2 Mocheil Avonot

3 Shema Koleinu

4 Ki Vi Yirbu

5 U'netaneh Tokef

6 Chamol Al Maasekha

7 Kaddish Titkabal

8 Keili Atah