Mitzvah Day 2019 at Kenton US
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Thursday 21st November 2019

Mitzvah Day is a lovely day to do nice things.

For eight years now in Kenton we have made a tea-party with entertainment for the local Norwood Residential Homes. We have two in Kenton, one in Carlton Avenue and one in Woodcock Dell. Other homes invited have been from Hendon, Edgware and Stanmore.  

Over the years we know the residents who come and their carers, and they have got to know us. It is so friendly.

In the morning we had a Kenton team who prepared a lovely tea for our guests, with bridge rolls and savouries, cakes and biscuits. A few have special diets, and we were told who has these and we prepared accordingly This year and last, to supplement our supplies, we received a lot of fairy cakes which were decorated that morning at the Edgeworth Centre in Hendon.

Norwood and Mitzvah Day supplied us with T-shirts, blue ones from Norwood, and Green from Mitzvah Day. We also had balloons and bunting and we used these to decorate the hall.

Musical entertainment was by Philip Spiers at the piano with Carmel Stockman singing. Carmel brought song sheets and encouraged everyone to join in with all the songs from the shows that everyone always knows the tunes to. Carmel and Philip were so professional and they entertained for two solid hours. It was not difficult to get the guests to join in. They were all so happy – in fact there was spontaneous dancing around the hall at the end when Carmel beautifully sang the popular song Poppa Piccolina. It was really joyful.

In the afternoon we were helped by Norwood project leaders, Sharon Bradman, who grew up in Kenton, and Ruth Korel with Zahra, who took photos. There were also a few volunteers from Young Norwood.  Kenton helpers were Irene Leeman, Maureen Simons, Brenda Symes

This year something new was introduced. There was an activity, before tea, which all the guests enjoyed. They made Chanukah cards which will be sent to Aleh in Israel. They were brightly coloured and decorated with glitter and stickers. Our guests wrote lovely messages to the children and the cards looked very pretty.  

Aleh provides over 750 children with complex disabilities with state-of-the-art medical, educational and rehabilitative care in their four facilities.  In addition, ALEH provides thousands of outpatient treatments annually. 

We were honoured by the attendance of the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Ernest Ezeajughi, who stayed about an hour before going on to yet more duties. He looked very happy as he joined in the singing with one of the tables of residents. They found his gold chain very interesting! This was the second visit of the mayor to Kenton Shul this weekend, as he came as a guest yesterday for AJEX Shabbat.

Another surprise visit was that of Norwood’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Beverley Jacobson, who was very encouraging.     

All in all, everything went off well and everyone enjoyed it. There was an official verbal thank-you for Kenton, and  we also thanked all our guests for coming.

By Irene Leeman