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Mill Hill Learn2Rescue with US Project Chesed
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Tuesday 21st March 2017

Last night, the United Synagogue’s Project Chesed held its second introductory Paediatric First-Aid Course at Mill Hill US, following the success of the pilot course in Radlett US last year.

The topics covered included baby illnesses, emergency protocol, contents of a first aid kit, recovery position for babies, CPR for children and babies and choking and aspiration. The session was led by Daniel Morris from Learn2Rescue.

The course was educational and very hands-on. Each participant was given a baby/child dummy to practice CPR. Despite the course being a serious topic, the atmosphere was relaxed and lively. The participants learned compressions by following the beats and rhythms to the songs “Staying Alive” and “Rescue Me.” 

Orah Barnett, Chesed Liasion Officer said, “We had expected this topic to appeal to young couples, but we were delighted to see a range of people including first time grandparents and new parents. We are happy that Project Chesed could provide such an important service, based on the quote from the Mishnah, “whoever saves a life it is as if they have saved a whole world.”” 

Project Chesed will be offering more of these courses to communities throughout the United Synagogue including one at Bushey US in May.