Message from the Ginsburys
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 24th January 2019

Judy and I want to send you a personal message of most sincere thanks for everything which was done so tastefully, beautifully and whole-heartedly this past Shabbat morning, to mark the 20th anniversary of our arrival at the Shul. As the Chief Rabbi remarked in his very kind address, there is no US protocol or bye-law which demands this sort of an event and, as such, Judy and I are mindful - and so appreciative - of the great warmth and love which you continue to extend to us.

We're not sure quite where the past twenty years have gone but are extremely grateful and thankful for the many wonderful friendships and connections which have 'sprung up' between so many of us over this time, the many remarkable experiences we have enjoyed together and for the privilege we have come to know in being ‘significant others' to many, as many have been to us. Judy and I both felt that as much as the Honorary Officers, the Board of Management, Rabbi and Rebbetzen Binstock, the Office and all those involved in planning and delivering last Shabbat’s wonderful celebration did so for us, that, in effect, this was far more than our personal Simcha - it was rather the Simcha of each and every one of the many hundreds of you who were there and also of those many others who contacted us to apologise for their inability, for a whole variety of reasons, to join us in person last Shabbat morning.

When first discussing the idea of a 20th anniversary celebration with our Chair, Jonny Goldberg, I expressed my belief that it would only be justified if we could ‘leverage’ the positive energy that would PG be engendered, for the medium to long term benefit of the Shul. Jonny mentioned in his wonderful words on Shabbat morning that we are now about to embark on a major project to redevelop the main Shul area for the benefit of the Community as a whole. Judy and I are pleased to commit ourselves to work, in whatever way we appropriately can, to fully and meaningfully promote and support the realisation of this dream. We hope, pray and trust for continued strength, vitality, good health and blessing to be able to serve the Hendon Shul and Community to the level it needs and so truly deserves for many good years yet to come.

Kind regards, many thanks once again and very best wishes,

Rabbi M S and Judy Ginsbury