Luciana Berger MP in conversation with Richard Verber at Finchley United Synagogue
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Thursday 18th July 2019

As part of Finchley United Synagogue’s ‘Our Friends in Westminster’ lecture series, Luciana Berger MP spoke in conversation with United Synagogue Director of Communications, Richard Verber, last week. More than 100 people were in the audience at Finchley United Synagogue (Kinloss) and questions were put to Ms Berger by the attendees. Luciana Berger is the MP for Liverpool Wavertree and currently sits as an independent after leaving the Labour party earlier this year due to the antisemitism crisis.

She discussed the BBC Panorama programme on antisemitism in the Labour party and said that she would not be joining the Liberal Democrats, due to their potential coalition with Labour in the future. She spoke about politics not being as family-friendly as it should be because of late night voting. The MP has two young children. She said that serving her constituents was a “responsibility and privilege”.

Ms Berger discussed antisemitism under Corbyn’s Labour and said she believed not much had changed. She felt that there was “a choice not to deal with antisemitism”, with “complicity at the highest level.”

Ms Berger said: “It is incumbent on all Labour MPs to stand up and speak out about antisemitism in the Party and the way in which the leadership was dealing with it. …there are too many who can’t or won’t.”

Finchley United Synagogue chair, David Elek, thanked Ms Berger for giving of her time to address the community and presented her with a new baby grow emblazoned with “I’m a Kinloss baby”.

Joan Ryan MP is due to address the community tonight [Thursday evening].