Lewisham Borough Faith Walk
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Thursday 25th May 2017

For the third year running, Catford and Bromley United (Affiliate) Synagogue hosted the Lewisham Borough Faith Walk.

This year over 400 people of all different Faiths assembled at the Catford Synagogue to begin their Walk of Peace.

After being welcomed by the Synagogue Chairman Mr Joe Burchell introduced two young members of the excellent Synagogue Cheder who excellently read a passage from the Talmud from Rabbi Hillel about loving our fellow members of all Communities.

Leaving the Synagogue the walk visited many other places of worship and was greeted by the Mayor, local Councillors and MPs at the Town Hall. At all these places a candle was lit to show that in Lewisham all faiths come together for Peace and goodwill in all our Communities. 

The walk was an original idea of a local Police Officer Jon Biddle, Mr Burchell and other Faith leaders. The Mayor of London who wanted to attend unfortunately was unable to do so because of other commitments.