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Kosher Update: October 2014
Date Uploaded: 
Saturday 22nd November 2014

New KLBD Chalav Yisrael Samson Soft Cheese now available from kosher stores!
 Chi Coconut Oil is now KLBD Certified Parev and bears the KLBD logo. It is available from Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Amazon, Selfridges and Natural Kitchen.
Please be aware that BFree Fajita Kit has erroneously been listed as KLBD Certified on the the Bfree website.
The Fajita Kit contains individually wrapped Bfree Multigrain Wraps, which are KLBD Certified Parev and bear the logo. However, the Salsa and Seasoing Mix included in the kit, are neither kosher certified nor kosher approved.


Marmite made in the UK has been Not Kosher for many years, but South African Marmite, which is kosher certified has been specially imported for sale in the kosher shops.

Unilever UK have now banned the import of Marmite from South Africa, so there will no longer be kosher Marmite available here. This makes it essential that Marmite in the UK becomes kosher certified. 
Please show Unilever your interest in getting Marmite KLBD Certified by contacting them.