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KLBD stand checked for bugs at Simcha Showcase
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Sunday 19th July 2015

A great time was had by all at The Simcha & Gift Showcase which was held at the Kinloss Banqueting Suite on Sunday. As an official event partner, KLBD was out in full force, displaying a variety of products, running educational kashrut workshops and tasting the latest KLBD certified foods.

A unique feature at the exhibition was the children’s Kashrut Workshop. Each child received their own ‘shomer inspection kit’ including gloves, an apron and a hairnet. They were then given a demonstration on how to check for bugs in fruit, vegetables and herbs and then had a turn at it themselves. When they found a bug, with the help of a team of helpers and experts on site, they transferred it to a digital microscope where they were able to view their bug ‘up close’ on a computer screen. Children received an “I found a Bug” sticker for their fantastic efforts.

A participant checks a fish for fins and scales

The children also enjoyed seeing and touching real fish and identifying the kosher species. They also had great fun pulling the scales off a Red Snapper and counting the legs of a baby octopus. An egg with blood spots in a jar and illustrations of types of animal hoofs were also part of the workshop. Younger children were given kashrut worksheets to colour in and enjoyed waving their KLBD balloons.

The adults were busy too, spending time discussing with the KLBD experts how to best check fruit, vegetables and herbs. Many people requested further KLBD insect-checking workshops for their communities.

Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of KLBD commented: “the day was a great success and a wonderful opportunity for the children to get a hands-on Kashrut experience, something that will hopefully leave an impression on them for many years to come”.

A special thank you goes to Rabbi Elie Schoemann of the KLBD certification unit for organising and coordinating the KLBD stand & workshop, and to Mr Arie Kiselstein of for arranging the event and for making the Simcha Showcase such a memorable experience.