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KLBD Participate in Mitzvah Day
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Thursday 26th November 2015

Mitzvah Day for Years 7 and 8 of JFS came with an exciting program this year including learning about insects that can be found in fruit and vegetables that we eat. 

Rabbi Yaakov Bennett , KS3 Coordinator General Jewish Studies, arranged the Mitzvah Day events at JFS which included an exhibition of practical Mitzvah related activities for the students. KLBD was invited to demonstrate the importance of checking fruit and vegetables for insects before eating them.

Rabbi Elie Schoemann and Miss Dina Chalk gave an interactive session to each group, explaining the method of checking and then giving a live demonstration where the students could see how one checks for insects and then see the insect magnified on screen with a digital microscope. 

Rabbi Elie Schoemann from KLBD demonstrates how to check vegetables for insects

Rabbi Bennett said: “We were delighted to host Rabbi Schoemann and Dina Chalk as part of our Mitzvah Day event in JFS. Their interactive and hands own demonstration engaged the students and left them with a higher level of the laws of Kashrut and a greater sensitivity to the food they are eating. ” 

Rabbi Conway, Director of KLBD commented: “KLBD is proud to be part of this exhibition and we are delighted to have the opportunity to teach and demonstrate the importance of Kashrut to all ages”.