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KLBD Certify More Products
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 24th July 2014

Summer is the time when people usually wind-down and take a break but not KLBD. They are busy as ever making sure there are more kosher products available than ever. Here are the latest additions: 

Popz Butter, Paprika, Salted, Sweet, Sweet & Salty and Wasabi Microwave Popcorn are all newly KLBD Certified Parev but they do not bear the logo.

Jacob's High Fibre Cream Crackers and Jacob's Choice Grain Crackers are now KLBD Kosher Certified Parev. Look out for the KLBD logo coming soon on these Jacob's products.

 Other products that are newly KLBD cerified:

Rowse Honey with a Hint of Apple - KLBD Parev and bears the logo
Dorset Simply Nut Granola - KLBD Parev and bears the logo