KLBD bakeries battle it out to earn Cheesecake of the Year mantle

KLBD bakeries battle it out to earn Cheesecake of the Year mantle

We’re always amazed at the number of truly amazing bakeries that exist in London. In fact, there are so many that we’re often bewildered as to where we should get our Shavuot cheesecake from each year, before deciding on buying from many different bakeries. This was the original question that spiraled into the annual You & US Cheesecake of the Year competition, which was held once again this week.

Seven KLBD bakeries took part in this year’s competition, offering a wonderful variety of different cheesecakes, which were put before a panel of our colleagues; categories for scoring included appearance, texture and (ultimately most importantly) taste.

Here we give you a taste of the variety and types of cheesecakes that are available (warning: look away now if you are hungry).


Carmelli provided us with four amazing and completely different cheesecakes: salted caramel; banoffee; marshmallow and maple syrup. All of these cheesecakes are a real feast for both stomach and eyes, with Carmelli’s offerings managed to find the perfect balance between traditional and modern cheesecakes.

These cheesecakes, together with others, are available to purchase from Carmelli, although to avoid disappointment, we have been advised that it is best to call them up and order should you wish to sample them for yourselves.


Daniels sent in slices of three different cheesecakes – chocolate, strawberry and plain.

The panel could not wait to tuck in, particularly excited for the chocolate cheesecake.

The feedback was that the cheesecakes tasted as good as they looked, which subsequently resulted in some high scores.


Finebake, a commercial bakery, sent us a traditional cheesecake to sample and the panel thoroughly enjoyed it.

This cheesecake would easily add a show-stopping effect to any dairy Shavuot meal. It was light, smooth and delicious!


La Brioche are no strangers when it comes to the You & US Cheesecake of the Year competition, having been crowned champions on two previous occasions. 

This year, they put forward a slice of their traditional cheesecake, which was well received by all members of the panel. It was a ‘melt in the mouth’ cheesecake, and our panel cannot wait to sample some again soon! 


Current champions, Munch N’ Crunch, provided us with the most amazing variety from their range of cheesecakes.

There was everything from plain, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate and dulce de leche, to the more unique mini cheesecake pot, an individual layered slice of cheesecake, a cheesecake ‘sandwich’ and the intriguing mini crumble sponge cake with a cheese filling.

Munch N’ Crunch gave this year’s competition a run for their money, pleasing the whole panel, leaving everyone wanting more.


Parkway’s entries this year included two delicious cheesecakes, one topped with summer fruits and the other with chocolate, together with large slices of both plain and a fruit cheesecake.

These cheesecakes did not disappoint, with the round cheesecakes amongst the panel’s favourites.

SHARON’S (Edgware)

Our final competitor was Sharon’s Bakery, whose cheesecake was traditional and tasty. There was a hint of lemon, which some members of the panel particularly enjoyed.

The Verdict

The standard this year was exceptionally high, with the competition being as close as ever. In truth, any of these entries would have been worthy winners but the judge decided that the winner of Cheesecake of the Year 2017 is:

Carmelli Bakery’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Whichever one you plump for this Shavuot, one thing is for sure – you’re in for a real treat.

We would like to thank Carmelli, Daniels, Finebake, La Brioche, Munch N' Crunch, Parkway Patisserie and Sharon’s for taking part in our competition this year. 

Date Uploaded: 
Friday 26th May 2017