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Kedoshim 5774 - April 25th 2014
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Friday 25th April 2014

Shabbat Times for London: April 25th - April 26th Begins: 19:59 Ends: 21:08

Yom Hashoah 
This Sunday is Yom Hashoah when we commemorate those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. There are many memorial services taking place across The US. To see what’s planned in your community visit our events system.

US Living & Learning, in partnership with the World Zionist Organisation’s “Habayta” Aliyah Promotion department (WZO), presents a Yom Yerushalyim with a difference! WZO is bringing the Israel Defence Forces Chief Rabbi, Chief Chazan and the IDF choir to London for a Shabbaton of song and stories at Finchley Synagogue (Kinloss) on 23 and 24 May and a performance under the auspices of Borehamwood & Elstree Synagogue in the Borehamwood area on Sunday 25 May. Booking details and more information will be available shortly at . We thank WZO for their participation.

Israel’s Turning 66 
Come and celebrate Israel’s 66th birthday in Central London on Tuesday 6th May. For more information email

Be a Part of the PM’s Holocaust Commission 
On Monday 5th May, the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission will host a special event for survivors of the Holocaust & Nazi persecution living in the UK, at a prestigious London venue. The event will be an opportunity for survivors to share their views with the Commission on how the country can best secure their legacy for future generations and hear from special guests. If you are a survivor who wants to be included or if you know a survivor, please contact

Community Screening for Jewish Genetic Disorders: 11th May at Finchley Synagogue 
1 in 5 Ashkenazi Jews are carriers of a Jewish genetic disorder. A simple blood test can identify if you are at increased risk of having an affected child. Screening covering 9 severe Jewish genetic disorders including Tay-Sachs, is now available.

There will be a community screening at Finchley Synagogue on Sunday 11th May. For more information and to register visit

Want to Make a Difference? 
Your local Board of Management needs you! Whether you are a man or a woman, if you feel you have something to offer your local synagogue and have the time to help, join your synagogue’s Board. For more information, please speak to your local synagogue’s office.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

The You & US Team


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