Joan Ryan MP in conversation with Richard Verber at Finchley United Synagogue
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Thursday 25th July 2019

Last week at Finchley United Synagogue, Joan Ryan MP (for Enfield North) gave a talk to attendees for the ‘Our Great friends at Westminster’ adult learning series. She was interviewed by United Synagogue Director of Communications, Richard Verber about leaving the Labour party due to the climate of antisemitism.

Joan Ryan MP spoke about the antisemitism in the Labour party which led her to quit the party earlier in the year for newly formed ‘Change UK’. She cited Labour’s “demonisation and delegitimisation” of Israel as her main reason for leaving the party.

Joan Ryan MP is still the current chair of Labour Friends of Israel and chairs committees and debates. Throughout the series, 200 participants have joined Finchley United Synagogue’s ‘Our Great Friends at Westminster’ series. The MPs involved, including Luciana Berger MP, have proudly stood up to Labour party challenges of antisemitism, two of which, Labour MPs have resigned.

Martin Summers, a member of the audience said, “I found the conversation very insightful. I was impressed by the way Joan Ryan MP held herself in respect of the current situation in the Labour party and its impact on the Jewish community.”

David Elek, Chairman of Finchley United Synagogue said, “We appreciate the support that Joan Ryan MP has given the Jewish community in her words and actions and her active condemnation of antisemitism, calling it out wherever it is to be found. We were delighted to have Joan Ryan MP with us.”


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