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Jewish Visiting Conference Gives Volunteers Heartfelt Appreciation
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Thursday 25th June 2015

Last Wednesday Jewish Visiting held a conference for their chaplains and volunteers who visit patients in hospital. The evening, held in Hendon, was an opportunity for Jewish Visiting volunteers to network and gain insights and inspiration from the guest speaker as well as from colleagues.

Jewish Visiting (otherwise known as the Jewish Visitation Committee) has been responsible for the provision of Jewish Hospital Chaplaincy to hospitals in Greater London and surrounding areas since 1875. The service is administered by the United Synagogue on behalf of the whole Jewish community in the area.

The informative evening was also an opportunity to show appreciation and recognition for the hard work and effort made by volunteers. In particular, a presentation was made to volunteer Rosa Pizer, who has recently retired from visiting, to mark her longstanding work visiting patients in hospitals.

Rabbi Salasnik presenting Rosa Pizer with her certificate and small gift of recognition

Keynote speaker Reverend Mia Hilborn, Hospitaller, Head of Spiritual Healthcare and Chaplaincy Team Leader at the Guy's and St Thomas’ Healthcare Trust, spoke to attendees about the development of chaplaincy and the increasing needs of patients at a time when many people are isolated from their roots. Other chaplains discussed what they had learned from their training and how they put it into practice. Jewish Visiting Coordinator, Michelle Minsky, thanked the volunteers for their dedication and commitment.

The conference also gave a platform to launch the brand new Jewish Visiting website, This website provides resources for volunteers, useful contacts and information for the public on how to request a visit online as well as information for hospital staff on caring for Jewish Patients.

Reverend Mia Hilborn addressing the audience

Michelle Minsky, Jewish Visiting Coordinator, commented: “Jewish Visiting and the Jewish community are indebted to our volunteers for their amazing work and I’m delighted to use this wonderful opportunity for us to show our gratitude to them. The evening has been well received and I am pleased that it has been both educational and inspiring for our chaplains and volunteers.”