Israel: Praying for peace
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 13th May 2021

Please join us in reciting some prayers for the healing of the wounded, the comforting of those tragically bereaved, protection from violence and for an improvement in the situation.

Psalm 121 is associated with the prayers of our patriarch Yaakov, Jacob, for God’s protection from the wrath of his brother Esav, Esau.

Psalm 122 is attributed to King David and expresses his longing for peace and sanctity in Jerusalem as a place where all will worship God.

The Prayer for the State of Israel is recited each Shabbat in our services. In particular, we focus on its request for peace.

And finally, Acheinu is recited in our morning prayers on Mondays and Thursday, in which we ask God to look after us wherever we are.

You can download the prayers via the links above and the images are reproduced below too.