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HGSS Aleph Learning Centre Students Graduate with Honours
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Thursday 10th July 2014

Forty students from the ALC's Year 6 class completed their 7 years of Cheder attendance, and there was reason to celebrate. At their graduation on Sunday 6th July, the staff members took time to reflect on many of the students wonderful achievements. In their years at the ALC, pupils have been encouraged to discover and explore Jewish topics focusing on their relevance today. The graduating students are able to read Hebrew fluently and are familiar with many parts of the siddur, the festivals and Mitzvot. Most of all, they have attained a strong pride and positive sense of Jewish identity coupled with understanding of the morals, values and ethical behaviours in Judaism. 

Their  graduation was a culmination of a discovery project on their own individual Jewish heritage, which was launched on at an inter cheder trip in the Jewish museum. The pupils had to present a family owned Jewish artefact and how this article inspires their Jewish observance. Many students gave moving presentations on the heroic lives of their grandparents and pledged to continue upholding their legacy.  

The students were addressed by their Head teacher, Chayli Fehler and Rabbi Kaplan of HGSS. Rabbi Andrew Shaw concluded the event by inviting the students to continue their Jewish studies in the Tribe Challenge programme. The graduation wasn't an end but rather the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their Jewish education. They were also congratulated on winning the inter Cheder Jewish General Knowledge Quiz.