Hendon United Synagogue’s Siyum marks the end of 20 years of learning
Date Uploaded: 
Tuesday 4th February 2020

Hendon United Synagogue recently hosted a Siyum, which took place at the home of Nicole and Paul Neville. The Siyum celebrated a dedicated group of members concluding their learning of Sefer Mishlei, with the commentary of the Vilna Gaon.

The Hendon United Synagogue members had gathered regularly on Motzei Shabbatot during the winter. Coordinated by Paul Neville, the group spent 45 minutes learning at the home of Rabbi Mordechai Ginsbury, the synagogue’s Rabbi.

After Rabbi Ginsbury concluded the learning at the Siyum, Paul spoke about how much the Shiur and engagement with the Rabbi meant to him and those who attended. The Siyum was dedicated to the memory of his father, Michael a”h.

The evening continued with the members presenting a set of sefarim to Rabbi Ginsbury, who will soon be commencing the learning of Sefer Kohellet.