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Give feedback to the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation
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Thursday 23rd February 2017

As you may be aware, the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation, of which Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is a board member, is currently seeking feedback on the ten designs that have been shortlisted as part of the competition to create a new Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in Victoria Tower Gardens beside Parliament. This new structure will honour victims and survivors of Nazi persecution, and educate about the dangers of where prejudice and hatred can lead.

The shortlisted designs, as well as further details about the competition, can be viewed here

We encourage you to share this information with your communities so that members can contribute their views to this public consultation. The deadline for making submissions is Friday 14th April. As part of this, the Foundation Board believe it is very important to receive views from within the Jewish community and across society which will be presented to the jury. This is especially the case given that the Memorial and accompanying Learning Centre will have a lasting impact on the way that the Holocaust will be taught and commemorated in this country for generations to come.