Getting Married in the UK (Outside London)

Getting Married in the UK (outside the United Synagogue)

On behalf of the United Synagogue we wish you a Mazel Tov on your forthcoming marriage, such an exciting time for you all!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting married under the auspices of one of the Regional UK Congregations. Do we need to come to the Chief Rabbi’s Office in London as well?

If you both live outside of London, you should arrange to meet your local Orthodox Rabbi. He will then forward the application for marriage authorisation, on your behalf, to the Marriage Authorisation Office. Those who live in London can come to the Office of the Chief Rabbi for this purpose should they wish to.

My parents weren’t married in an Orthodox synagogue. How do I proceed?

If they were not married in an Orthodox synagogue, you need to go back further in the maternal line, bringing a Ketubah from your grandparents or great-grandparents on the mother’s side, together with full birth certificates, showing the direct connection to you.

We are getting married in a synagogue which is under the auspices of the Federation of Synagogues or one of the Spanish & Portuguese Congregations. Do we need to apply for marriage authorisation through the Office of the Chief Rabbi?

No. These organisations operate under a different authority and you should apply directly to them through their relevant head office.

Once married we will be living in London. Is there a membership scheme we can join?

The United Synagogue welcomes couples who have married under other recognised orthodox authorities (documentation to be provided). Please visit the communities section of the website where you will find details of the nearest synagogue to your area. The administrator will be able to explain the membership scheme.

For other enquiries please contact:

Rabbi Birnbaum

0208 343 6313