Funeral Expenses Scheme (FES)

Funeral Expenses Scheme (FES)

FES is the United Synagogue scheme to ensure you are buried at one of the US cemeteries at no additional cost to your loved ones. Payment into the scheme must be continuous and for people joining over the age of 40 there is an entrance fee into the scheme. The Entrance Fee is set on a sliding scale for applicants wishing to join the FES (based on age).

The current (2015) FES rates are:

• £7 for single members aged 21-29 if you are a member of TCM (Tribe Community Membership)

• £70 for members aged over 29 


I've heard that some people pay veteran FES contributions; what is this?

Veteran FES rates are 50% of the standard FES rate. This rate is available to those who have been members of the United Synagogue for 50 years or more. You can apply for this discounted rate by contacting your local Shul.

If I unfortunately have to bury a member of my family who is not a member of the United Synagogue’s Funeral Expense Scheme, how much will it cost?

The current cost of a burial at Waltham Abbey and Bushey cemeteries is £16,000. 

My child has disabilities- how can I cover him/her for burial?

There is a Special United Synagogue Burial Scheme linked to Norwood. The current cost is a one-off payment of £1,500 for a prepaid funeral (Burial in either Bushey/Waltham Abbey Cemetery). To find out more contact Suzanne Lion (020 8420 6802) at Norwood. Please note that as of February 14th 2014, the price will be £2,000.