Former Mossad commander speaks at Belmont United Synagogue
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Thursday 13th February 2020

Belmont United Synagogue recently hosted the former Mossad commander who led the operation to smuggle Ethiopian Jews out of Sudan in the 1980s.

The commander, known as Dani, came to London to attend the launch of "Red Sea Spies", a new book about the events, written by Belmont Synagogue member Raffi Berg.

Dani described how he stumbled across the abandoned resort while looking for suitable bays for the Israeli navy to land, and convinced the Sudanese to lease it to him, pretending he was the director of a tourism company. The resort operated under the Mossad for nearly four years, until the agents were pulled out in a dramatic night-time evacuation.

"It was an astonishing and audacious plan," says Berg, "which the Mossad carried out right under the noses of the enemy Sudanese authorities - and the guests at the hotel. Alongside Entebbe, it is the most remarkable story I have ever come across in terms of Israel pulling off the impossible."

 By Sharon Laifer