First Baby Blessing at Palmers Green & Southgate US
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 19th October 2017

The first Baby Blessing to be held at Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue took place on Simchat Torah, when three babies born in the community this year were blessed by Rabbi Emanuel Levy, Rabbi of the Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue.  At the traditional ‘Kol Hana’rim’ Blessing , when all the children are blessed under a Chupah Canopy, the three babies were held under the Chupa by the three fathers. Rabbi Levy blessed each of the three babies in turn, and then presented each child with a cappel and a teddy bear. The blessing was made to the delight of the parents and grandparents who shed tears of joy on  the  happy occasion.

Rabbi Levy said: ‘The babies were wonderfully behaved, I think they really enjoyed it, and the fact that three babies were born this year is a really healthy sign for the future’.