Finchley United Synagogue host ‘Resilience event’ for mental health awareness
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Tuesday 4th February 2020

Over 200 people attended the ‘Resilience’ event held by Finchley United Synagogue, in conjunction with the JLC Community Wellbeing Project. This followed Finchley United Synagogue qualifying 24 volunteers in a Mental Health First Aid training programme through JAMI.

The event included talks from Dr Jareonsettasin and Dr Berelowitz. These two child psychiatrists had unique access to the dozen teen football players who were trapped in a cave for 18 days in June 2018.

The talks focused on the resilience of the teenagers and how they maintained their good health and humour throughout the ordeal, as well as the strength of the community who stood by them.

"Sometimes, we need to note the damaging questions and then get back to the important questions,” said Dr Berelowitz.