Eruvim in London

Eruvim in London

An eruv is a boundary recognised by Jewish law, within which a number of activities are permitted on Shabbat. For communities situated within the perimeter of the Eruv, it can have a significantly positive impact on its Jewish inhabitants.

Families with young children can now use a pram or buggy outside their home on Shabbat and the same applies to people who use a wheelchair or walking frame. Others will find it useful as they are now permitted to carry house keys, reading glasses or books for shul.

Before the eruvim were developed, families with young children were home-bound each Shabbat. Many couples who had children too young to walk to Shul could not attend a Shabbat service together, nor a kiddush or simcha. Grandparents are now able to host their younger grandchildren on Shabbat and Shabbat events are accessible to all families - young and old, mobile and less mobile.

Currently, under the auspices of the London Beth Din, many thousands of people living in the communities of Edgware, Stanmore and Borehamwood and Elstree eruvim are able to enjoy Shabbat to the full because of the North West London eruv.

Dos and Don'ts

Within an eruv, you can carry outside your home in the same way as you can in your own house and garden. All other Shabbat restrictions are unaffected.

You may:

● Carry house keys.
● Carry food or drink for use on Shabbat.
● Carry a tallit.
● Carry books (e.g. chumash or siddur).
● Carry required medication.
● Carry clothes (e.g. coat, gloves or handkerchief).
● Carry reading glasses.
● Push a baby pram or wheelchair. 

You may not: 

● Carry a mobile phone or other items which are muktseh (forbidden to be touched on Shabbat).
● Carry anything which is to be used only after Shabbat.
● Carry or open an umbrella.
● Engage in weekday activities which are not in the spirit of Shabbat; such as riding a bike, or going shopping (even on credit or where payment is not involved). 

If you are unsure whether a particular activity is permitted, please consult your local Rabbi.

The current London Eruvim are as follows, and details of each can be found by clicking here.

Details of each eruv can be found on our website.

Find out more about what an Eruv is here.

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