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Combining Learning Resources and Teaching Expertise: The Future of Jewish Education
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Wednesday 7th March 2018

Announcement from Schools / Letter to Parents

We are writing to share the exciting news that we are planning to create a new network of Jewish schools. The network will be called the Jewish Community Academy Trust and it will be launched later this year. The development of the network has been facilitated and supported by the United Synagogue.

The idea behind the network is a simple one - that by working together, individual schools can be far stronger than by working alone. The Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a Government approved structure that enables a group of schools to work powerfully together, whilst retaining their individual identity.

Three schools - Moriah Jewish Day School, Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School and Wolfson Hillel Primary School propose to partner in the MAT with the expectation that more Jewish schools will join over time.

The MAT will have access to a wide range of expertise and experience from lay members and professional teaching staff across the community and parents can expect that successful activities and practices in one school will be shared throughout the network. Current and future teaching staff will be part of a larger family, where skills development and career opportunities are enhanced.  

We also expect the network to have greater fundraising capabilities, both in the UK and overseas, which will enable it to offer better facilities to pupils and staff. Over the coming years, we believe that our network will have grown sufficiently to be able to introduce the latest developments in educational technology and to build close working relationships with similar Jewish schools overseas, including in Israel and North America.

The unique character of each of the schools will be retained. Each will be managed locally by its own Headteacher and Local Governing Body, who will be linked to the MAT, rather than the Local Authority. Each will remain a key part of its local community, with its own special relationship with parents, and its own admissions process. Staff will have the opportunity to work in different schools, but they will not be required to transfer between schools.

Our individual schools will continue to connect our pupils with their Jewish heritage in their own special way. As part of the MAT we will all continue to follow the religious leadership of the Chief Rabbi who has described it as “modern and centrist Orthodox in outlook… providing an immersive Jewish experience and education for all students, tailored to the specific needs of each of its schools”