Chigwell and Hainault Ladies' Shabbaton
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 12th July 2018

An extremely successful, first-ever Ladies' Shabbaton was held at Chigwell and Hainault United Synagogue on the last Shabbat in June. The guest speaker was Rebbetzen Leanne Binstock , Assistant Rebbetzen at Hendon Raleigh Close and recently qualified Ma'ayan (graduate of the Women Torah  Educator's programme, under the Office of the Chief Rabbi).

Just before Shabbat, there was a women's Kabbalat Shabbat event, led by Rebbetzen Leanne and her troupe of singing girls, at the home of Olivia Shure. 

"The Kabbalah Shabbat was a refreshing, spiritual experience. It was lovely to come together with other women in the community and celebrate welcoming Shabbat in with singing and prayers as one", said Chigwell and Hainault shul member Nicola Persell. 

On Shabbat morning, Rebbetzen Leanne gave a thought-provoking talk on the special characteristics of Jewish prayer. She described prayer as a relationship and a conversation with G-d, and the special power of prayers one say for other people.

Rebbetzen Leanne  also gave a talk at Seuda Shlishit entitiled " Shabbat- a taste of Eternity". She described how a Shabbat properly observed helps one step into a totally different spiritual space.

Rebbetzen Nechama Davis, who ran the Shabbaton with Rebbetzen Chaya Goodwin and  Olivia Shure and Miriam Spero, Shul Board Members for Women's Torah Education, said: "I was so pleased to see how many of the women in the community managed to attend one, two or even all three of the events over Shabbat. It was one of the longest Shabbatot of the year- just right for a Shabbaton- and we filled it with plenty of singing , learning  and companionship. We look forward to running another Ladies' Shabbaton next summer!"