Chesed Pesach Appeal

Chesed Pesach Appeal
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Monday 23rd March 2020

We already know why this year’s Seder night will be different from all other Seder nights. The United Synagogue has many thousands of members aged over 70 and many others who are alone, have serious health concerns or need extra support during this uncertain period as the world deals with the Coronavirus.

Everything will feel very different and the United Synagogue must urgently help those in need in our community more than ever before to make Pesach.

Over the next days and weeks, our older, vulnerable and isolated members will be on their own. Through our local synagogues and through US Chesed, we are gearing up to support all these members, both in the preparation for Pesach and beyond. We know already from phone calls that we have received in the last few days that we will be providing hundreds more food parcels than ever before.

Please help fund our work with our oldest, most vulnerable and most isolated members. They are facing extra challenges during this unprecedented time.

The difference that our Pesach appeals have made in the past is enormous. We do hope you'll be able to support our Emergency Pesach Appeal.

Please donate to our Emergency Pesach Appeal at

Thank you in advance.

Michael Goldstein
President, The United Synagogue