Chesed at Chanukah in Belmont
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 2nd January 2020

Belmont young people have been busy over the winter school break. Led by the Belmont Community Cares team, we extended our care – showing that community can include vulnerable people beyond ourselves. This Chanukah we partnered with charity for the homeless - Rhythms of Life. Belmont's care team and young people came  into the shul on the first day of Chanukah and  cooked meals for more than 50 homeless people and then delivered them to a shelter in North London. Turning towards home, as Chanukah was drawing to a close, Rabbi and Lisa Levene hosted a special Havdalah and Chanukah lighting party, at their house, attended by 20 of the synagogue’s youngsters, along with parents and grandparents.


By Sharon Laifer