Chanukah Party and Candle Lighting in Luton
Date Uploaded: 
Thursday 9th January 2020

On Sunday 29th December 2019, 65 people attended a Chanukah Party and Candle Lighting in Luton.

There was a lunch attended by Meryl Dolling, the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, and her husband, Michael. The lunch was cooked by Brian Green, a former Chairman of the Luton, with assistance of other members of the community and Rabbi Schwei’s family.  

The community was joined  on the forecourt of the synagogue later in the afternoon for a Candle Lighting ceremony by members of Luton Council of Faiths and their families. The Shammas candle was lit by Councillor Tahir Malik, Mayor of Luton. Mayor Malik expressed his support for this annual event and his pleasure to see so many different faiths being present at this public event and demonstrated the cohesion between faith groups in Luton.  Steve Mosley, the head of the Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Team,  Zafar Khan the Chairman of the Luton Council of Faiths and by David Jonathan, its co-ordinator.

Between the lunch and candle lighting, Judith Freeman hosted a ‘Desert Island Discs’ presentation, in which music was played which had special meaning to members of the community.  Each piece of music was introduced by the member of the community, who explained by the music was special for them.

After the Candle lighting, everyone enjoyed tea and doughnuts in the synagogue.

By Dr Laurence Benjamin